Hazlewood Castle – Yorkshire Wedding Photography

During October 2014, I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding at the unbelievably stunning Hazlewood Castle, near Leeds. Along with having time to take a stroll through the grounds we were able to take a few moments out to get some extra-special unique photos to help make the day memorable.2015-11-14_00012015-11-14_0002

Hazlewood Castle is a historic, medieval castle dating from the 11th century set in 77-acres of wooded grounds. The Castle, its rooms and grounds are packed from end to end with wonderful locations for photos – from majestic fireplaces and courtyards to impeccably maintained grounds.2015-11-14_0006

A tiny selection of photos are included here to give a taste of the venue. Can’t wait to go back!  2015-11-14_0003 2015-11-14_0005  Somehow everything just worked in our favour… and we ended up with a beautiful sunset to finish off the afternoon. Perfection! 2015-11-14_0008 2015-11-14_0009 2015-11-14_0004

Plenty of time for a few experiments… these things have to be done!2015-11-14_00122015-11-14_0010

And what day would be complete without playing around after dark. The castle’s courtyard is just crying out for some majestic photos!2015-11-14_0011

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