Tips for the best wedding sparkler photos

If there’s one fun addition to photos on your wedding day that’s stood the test of time, it’s the iconic sparkler shot.  They’re not hard to do, but have a read for some of my key tips to ensure yours is perfect!

Do I need a second photographer for my wedding?

Deciding between wedding photographers who work alone & those who always bring a second photographer is often a decision couples need to make when booking their wedding photographer. Having a “free” second shooter doesn’t instantly produce better photos – here’s a quick look at why.

How to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding

There are many professional wedding photographers out there who all say they are the best – yet every single one of them is different. It’s an important decision to make though as once you’ve had the first dance, eaten the cake and returned from honeymoon – your photos will live on; letting you relive the […]