Beautiful Norfolk Woodland Bluebells – Norfolk Family Photography

April & May are two amazing months of the year during which  our beautiful Norfolk woodlands are transformed with unbelievably rich carpets of blue.  We’re super-lucky in Norfolk to have a number of natural woods which quickly fill with stunning bluebells – absolutely perfect for a relaxed stroll in the sun or a quick family / lifestyle photo shoot.

Family shoots are anything but formal. Why lock yourselves away in a studio when you can go for a lovely walk in the woods, have fun, explore, admire nature at its finest and capture some beautiful photos along the way. That’s my view at any rate!

If you’d like your own family bluebell shoot please get in touch as soon as you can as they don’t last for long.

TimStephensonPhotography_Bluebells2016_1 copy TimStephensonPhotography_Bluebells2016_2

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