Choosing the perfect Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparkler Sizes and Types

Sparklers at weddings are not just about the sparkle; they are about creating moments that last a lifetime. Understanding the different types of sparklers available is crucial for aligning them with the style and theme of your wedding.

Types and Colours:

Traditional sparklers emit a fabulous golden-yellow sparkle, ideal for creating a warm, classic ambiance. For a more modern and vibrant feel, coloured sparklers are available, ranging from red, green, to blue, adding a pop of colour to your celebration. For best photos though we’d always recommend sticking to traditional warm golden yellow as this produces a classic look which the modern alternatives can’t quite match. Each to their own though and it’s important you pick the look which best matches the vibe you are going for with the rest of the day.

Sizes and Burning Time

Sparklers come in various lengths, which directly affects the burning time. This can of course therefore vary from 30 seconds to up to 4 minutes which can directly influence what we’re able to do with them on the day. If planning a sparkler tunnel or wedding day send off, it’s vitally important to buy longer sparklers to ensure they last long enough to both successfully light them in time and to achieve the photos you want! Short sparklers just make it all rather more challenging and typically require a different approach to arranging your guests.

Sparkler Safety: Ensuring a Memorable and Safe Celebration

Proper Handling and Ignition Techniques

Safety is paramount when handling sparklers at a wedding. Might sound like a bit of a negative comment to throw in for a wedding day but it is actually important that we pay enough attention to safety. Getting burnt by a sparkler is no fun whatsoever and those are not the sort of memories we want to be creating for you or your guests on the big day. With that in mind, a great way to light a sparkler is by using a butane lighter, barbecue lighter or similar long lighter – matches are often too short, won’t burn long enough and sometimes just can’t produce enough heat to light a sparkler. Seems an obvious comment to make but hold the sparkler away from the body and at arm’s length. Once lit, never point it towards anyone or any flammable materials.

For group lighting, especially for wedding day exits or larger sparkler photos, it’s best to use a “domino lighting” technique where one lit sparkler is used to ignight the next. This ensures a quick and relatively synchronised lighting process. Venue staff will usually help with this to encourage everything to run smoothly.

Preventing Accidents: Safety Precautions

Common safety concerns include accidental burns, fire hazards, and disposing of the finished sparklers. To mitigate these risks, provide guests with clear instructions on handling sparklers and make sure to have buckets of water or sand available for safe disposal of used sparklers.

The role of venue staff and wedding coordinators is crucial. They should oversee the sparkler activity, ensuring safety protocols are followed and often standing by with a first aid kit just to be on the safe side. It’s important that guests listen to a clear briefing and instructions before any sparklers are lit, and a location for sparklers must be selected which permits sufficient physical space for your guests, yourselves and any photographers or videographers without risk of anyone coming into direct contact with a lit sparkler.

Sparkler Storage – Safe until needed

Storing and transporting sparklers safely is essential, especially when dealing with large quantities. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and any flammable materials. When transporting, keep them in their original packaging to prevent any friction that could cause accidental ignition.

During the wedding day itself it might be tempted to leave sparklers out on display somewhere or perhaps create signage inviting guests to use them. It’s always better and safer to ask your venue to store sparklers somewhere safe away from your guests until the point they’re actually needed to avoid anyone deciding to get an unwanted head-start on your party and light one early. As much as this might sound like fun, there are many important safety considerations to take into account before someone starts waving sparklers around and keeping them out of sight is a great and simple way to reduce the opportunity for accidents to happen.

Sparkler Wedding Photos

Whenever it’s planned for during your day, successfully photographing sparklers on your wedding day requires timing and coordination to capture those fleeting, luminous moments. Ideal times might include the couple’s exit from a venue, or perhaps during an outdoor first dance to add a little extra magic. Sparklers don’t necessarily need to be tied to a specific moment though as there’s no reason we can’t plan in a sparkler photo or two for no other reason than having sparklers. We just need to be sure that guests, venue, photographer & videographer are all on the same page and together we’ll make it happen!

In conclusion, selecting the right sparklers and ensuring their safe use adds a beautifully radiant touch to your wedding while keeping it safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Let’s make magic happen!

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