Joyful couple embracing on wedding day.

C&M // Titchwell Manor Spring Wedding

Bride and guests enjoying wedding party celebration.
Joyful couple embracing on wedding day.
Couple embracing outside 'Potting Shed' on wedding day.

Titchwell Manor wedding day, crowned with a scorching hot fire performance!

C&M defined the weather odds with this one and tied the knot at Titchwell Manor on a beautiful March Saturday. With simply gorgeous floral decor throughout Titchwell Manor’s Conservatory ceremony room by Fern Flowers and the weather more or less on our side for all the important moments, the bar was well and truly raised for this fantastic day.

Jumping right back to the start as all good wedding days need to begin in the right way with those all-important preparations, I caught up with C over in Titchwell Manor’s rather lovely Potting Shed room. With expert makeup and hair well underway with Amanda Steed Makeup & Hair by Evie both working their magic, the fun and laughter well and truly kickstarted this beautiful wedding day.

With everyone ready, a short & sharp rain shower blown over and our wonderful celebrant Sue from Circle of Life East Anglia ready to start the formal bits, we got underway. With the most perfect bespoke wedding vows making beautiful promises to each other and symbolising the blending of families with a sand ceremony, C&M celebrated their marriage and finished the formalities off with a cheeky selfie… one of many throughout the day!

This is perhaps the perfect moment to say that it’s always worth remembering when planning your own special day that weddings are supposed to be all about the two beautiful people who have decided to tie the knot. They’re not about anyone else – and creating your own beautifully bespoke wedding ceremony is sometimes one of the best ways to make your day truly your own.

With formalities perfectly concluded and C dancing back down the aisle (sorry M!), our couple moved outside to celebrate their marriage with bubbles! Bubbles were a key moment in one of my recent wedding blogs from Hockwold Hall too and can be a wonderful alternative to Confetti. Bit like confetti though, it’s important to have plenty of bubbles… plenty of bubble wands, plenty of willing people and lots of encouragement for your guests to get properly involved – then it’s all sorts of awesome, even if bubbles will end up going absolutely everywhere.. but that’s ok!

Moving swiftly onwards through group photos and the drinks reception it was soon time for guests to be called in for dinner, with Titchwell’s fantastic team whipping up a culinary storm. We’d been waiting patiently for golden hour to arrive, but as the weather didn’t quite get that message our wonderful couple and I popped outside and braved the spring chill for 10 minutes to get some of those special photos in the bag. I brought along a 35mm film camera for this too, capturing a few extra-special photos in the traditional way alongside my usual Sony cameras.

Speeches followed, with plenty of emotion and laughs on the agenda before the awesome Epics Band kicked off the evening and jumped straight into high gear.

With shots and cocktails flowing the dancefloor was packed with incredible energy and some equally incredible shapes being thrown! I often talk about photographing wedding party dance floors from the inside, meaning I’m right in the middle of the action rather than hovering on the outside – and this was definitely the case! These things, as they say, have to be done and there’s no better way to capture the awesomeness than being where the action is. There’s a different energy when you’re in the middle of the party that’s just not the same when peering in from outside or trying to capture it all from a distance.

With the clock ticking on and the band nearing the end of their final epic set it was time to crown the evening with a little something special. Waiting patiently outside was the simply incredible Helios, God of Fire; an amazing solo fire performer who enthralled and amazed C&M’s guests with a stunning display of fire artistry! All in all, what a way to finish the day!

C&M – it was a true pleasure to be a part of your big day! Thank you for having me along to capture some of the awesomeness!

Weddings on 35mm Film?

Yes! New for 2024 I’m starting to offer traditional analogue 35mm film photography alongside my normal Digital images for weddings and engagement shoots. I’ve always loved film as that’s where everything started for me but switched over to digital photography when I started shooting weddings professionally. It’s been a while, but this year I decided to revisit this; buying in film stock along with a professional Canon EOS 3 35mm camera & lenses. It’s funny to shoot Canon again but there’s a degree of comfort in picking up a film camera which isn’t that different to shoot than any of today’s digital bodies.

Film’s not perfect. It’s never going to be as crisp, clean or perhaps as razor sharp as digital stills captured on a state-of-the-art professional camera – but that’s all ok! Film is beautifully analogue and I firmly believe has a place right alongside modern digitals. Feel the same? Let’s chat!

Person holding pen in contemplative pose, black and white.
Photographed on 35mm film, Couple embracing in wedding attire outdoors.
Bride and groom embracing elderly woman at wedding.

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