Covehithe Beach Couples Shoot Suffolk

Covehithe Beach Suffolk Engagement Shoot – Amaia & Martin

So by now, in August 2020, these two fabulous people were supposed to have been married for a month or two and Mike Savory and I should have photographed / filmed a properly epic destination wedding over in Crete…

With beautiful plans to get married at a gorgeous hotel, right on the Chania sea front in a region packed with fabulously authentic Greek features, beautiful villages, stunning ports and simply wonderful beaches it really should have been the destination wedding of the year… sadly however COVID-19 rather got in the way once again forcing A&M to put all of the awesomeness on-hold for a little longer.

What better way therefore is there to mark the year than to take a little trip down to the beautiful Covehithe Beach in Suffolk for a sunset engagement/couples shoot on a gorgeous beach?

Covehithe Beach

The delightful village of Covehithe is located right on a delightfully quiet stretch of the beautiful Suffolk coast – more or less next door to the iconic seaside town of Southwold. With long walks in & around Benacre along with its stunning twin Churchs as a long-lasting monument to busier times, Covehithe is fabulously peaceful and simply gorgeous. The beach itself is wonderfully quiet and is complemented by the rather crumbling cliffs, as this piece of coastline is sadly one of the fastest eroding areas in the UK.

All the way along the unspoilt and often empty beach are the remnants of trees which once lined the cliffs – a stark reminder of the pace of change. They do lend themselves to countless opportunities for photographers to frame iconic and timeless photographs – I’ve never been much of a landscape photographer, instead preferring to photograph weddings and PEOPLE.. but even I am very tempted to head back and explore!

Couples Shoot Awesomeness

With videographer Mike Savory along for the ride, we met up with Amaia & Martin at Covehithe’s St Andrews Church and headed off to the beach! It’s a good 10-15 minute stroll so we took the opportunity to shoot a few bits and pieces along the way… As for the beach – wow!


There’s absolutely no rule book for one of these shoots – and if there was one, these two would have torn it up! Whether we call them pre-wedding shoots, engagement shoots, love stories or some other name – they’re all about simply capturing a slice of time with two beautiful people, very much in love. It’s genuinely that simple.

Put simply, we go somewhere awesome; you two have fun and I’ll shoot whatever happens – whether that’s having a few cuddles in a beautiful bit of woodland, snuggles in the grass or lots of craziness, splashing and sheer fabulous awesomeness in the sea; it’s all perfect!

As for A + M… CANNOT wait for their destination wedding in Crete; it’s going to be FABULOUS!

Fancy booking a couples shoot of your own? These don’t need to be engagement / pre-wedding sessions… and although I’m a Norfolk photographer they also definitely don’t need to be in Norfolk. We can go anywhere you’d like to go. It’s all about you two – it’s that simple! Fancy jumping into the sea in a wedding dress to mark your anniversary or planning a bit of an adventure session somewhere? BRING IT ON!

We can add couples shoots onto any existing booking – or just book you in for a shoot; get in touch, tell me about what you want to do and we’ll go make magic happen!

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