Halloween – a superb excuse for spooky experiments

As Halloween 2015 arrived, so did a few pumpkins… and obviously the first thing we did was carve them, and dig out some Speedlights…. quite liking the result!P2291018-Edit-Edit (shot on our kitchen table – happened to have a glass top which was superb for reflections)

With the pumpkins done, we got a little more adventurous.. and broke out the smoke… P2301104

The situation soon got a little out of hand, resulting in a suitably spooky crime scene!PA310556

As it was Halloween, clearly we had to decorate outside…  pumpkins + outdoor candles, milk bottles + battery-powered tea lights, speedlights + green, purple & blue gels and plenty of smoke = awesome 😀 Let me know if you’d like to setup your own special shoot – could technically call it commercial photography if we need to label it!P2311145 P2311163 P2311177 PA311159 PA311192 PA311201 PA311207P2311198

Roll on next year!

Just need to find another excuse to break out the smoke machine again before then…. can’t wait a year!!