Kelly & Simon – Southwood Hall

Literally just before the arrival of my daughter in July 2013, I was asked to second-shoot for another fantastic Norfolk photographer over at the beautiful Southwood Hall for Kelly and Simon’s special day.

Despite worrying us with early morning rain and hail, the sun came out just in time; transforming a damp morning into a glorious summer day.

With Southwood’s gardens looking resplendent in the sun, we swiftly got underway with photos outside before heading in to wait for Kelly.

2015-11-15_0007 2015-11-15_0003 2015-11-15_00012015-11-15_0008 2015-11-15_0002 2015-11-15_00092015-11-15_0010 2015-11-15_00112015-11-15_0012 2015-11-15_00132015-11-15_00142015-11-15_00192015-11-15_0018  2015-11-15_0020 2015-11-15_0023 2015-11-15_0017 2015-11-15_0021

And of course, while the party continued, we headed off to make the most of the beautiful Southwood Hall gardens. Perfection 🙂2015-11-15_0004 2015-11-15_0005 2015-11-15_0006 2015-11-15_0015 2015-11-15_0016

I am always deeply honoured to be invited to share and photograph such intimate special events in peoples lives, and by all standards Kelly & Simon’s event stood squarely on its own two feet as being something just a little extra special. A stunning venue, beautiful dress and wonderful people results in nothing but sheer fantastic awesomeness.

Congratulations once again Kelly & Simon!


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