Nikki & Scott – Scarborough Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of shooting Nikki & Scott’s  wedding up in a rather wet Scarborough. The day kicked off with Nikki & her lovely bridesmaids at Liberty Retreat before ending up with a fun-packed reception at Stepney Hill Farm… complete with a Photo Booth Taxi from the Wedding cab company & rodeo bull.2015-11-13_00122015-11-12_0001 2015-11-12_0002 2015-11-12_0003 2015-11-12_0004 2015-11-12_0005 2015-11-12_00062015-11-12_0007 2015-11-12_0008

Wedding cabs? Why not…! Resplendent with their wedding-day  ribbons, full marks have to go to the Wedding cab company for their lovely black & white traditional London taxi cabs. Once the sun sets, they make excellent photobooths too!2015-11-12_0009

Aside from the rain and the wedding cabs, the little ones were often the undisputed centre of attention…2015-11-13_0009

Have I mentioned wedding cabs & rain…? Awesome photo opportunities!2015-11-12_0010 2015-11-12_0011 2015-11-12_0012

With a rustic look at Stepney Hill Farm Barn, a few little touches, awesome cake and a gorgeous sweet cart finished everything off nicely.2015-11-12_0013 2015-11-12_0014 2015-11-12_0015 2015-11-12_0016 2015-11-12_0017 2015-11-12_00192015-11-12_0020

It was almost a shame to cut the cake…!2015-11-13_0001

There’s little I like more at a wedding than unobtrusively capturing the day as it happens. People photography is a massive part of this, and ever little moment adds up to help tell the story of your special day.2015-11-13_00112015-11-12_0018   2015-11-12_0021 2015-11-12_0022 2015-11-12_0023 2015-11-12_0024

Have to say though that it’s the first time I’ve encountered a rodeo at a wedding, but hopefully not the last.  It was definitely the source of lots of entertainment and some great photos, although I’m told that wearing a kilt AND trying to tame the rodeo isn’t a combination one should consider trying; and especially isn’t something you should ever try more than once!!2015-11-13_0002

We did have a few rodeo stars though!2015-11-13_0003

Wherever there’s a photobooth, there are props… Photobooth in a taxicab? Awesome idea!2015-11-13_0004 2015-11-13_0006 2015-11-13_0007

Throw some fantastic live entertainment into the mix, and you’ve got the near-perfect recipe for a fun-packed, non-stop wedding day!2015-11-13_0005 2015-11-13_0010

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