Engagement & Pre-Wedding Shoots

Time to explore, chat, relax, laugh.... AND create something special!

Pre-wedding shoots, engagement shoots, couples sessions, in-love shoots. Whatever you’d prefer to call them, are an absolutely lovely way to both get to know each other better and to capture more fabulous photos of the two of you, well, being yourselves!

Pre-wedding couples shoots are rulebook free and just like my approach to wedding photography, don’t involve you two needing to pose or do anything awkward. 

They’re a wonderful way to get used to being photographed which can help to tackle any nerves before the big day. 

Along the way we’ll shoot some fabulous photos which can be perfect for invites, announcements or save-the date cards. They’re also a beautiful complement to your wedding photos and often look fabulous if displayed on wedding websites or around your venue. 

The hardest bit is normally trying to decide where to go for your shoot. We can do these anywhere from  beautiful beaches or woodlands through to right in the city centre or further afield.  If you’re up for travelling further afield, fancy a visit to London or have fabulous ideas you want to make a reality – tell me more! 

How does this work?

Once we’ve picked a location, we generally meet up & simply go for a walk or explore the area. Along the way we’ll chat, talk about your plans for the day, laugh and try a few things out. We can get as creative as you like with locations, hunt down the light, use whatever’s around us or just find somewhere perfect to watch a beautiful sunset. 

There’s no rulebook for these shoots – pure creative freedom to shoot something fabulous. 

Shoots can happen more or less anywhere. It’s perfect if we can pick somewhere special to you, but otherwise we can make most places work. 

City locations with character, colour, awesome architecture or stunning  graffiti can be every single bit as special as a beautiful wide-open Norfolk beach or sunlit woodlands. 

You two are the focus – not the location!

Rulebook Free

I’ve long-since realised that we don’t need a strict set of rules to follow for a pre-wedding shoot so the rulebook’s gone out of the nearest window, along with the idea of telling you how to stand or what to wear. 

With that in mind, we can try something new. We can experiment, indulging your creative side and seeing where it takes us. Pre-wedding shoots are not weddings – and we’re not bound by the same formality and demands on your time, 

Pets, children and even horses are all welcome too. They’re all part and parcel of your family and if you’d like to use some or all of a shoot to capture some snaps of you all together, we can make that happen. Of course, there’s always the option to make an occasion of it and pencil in both a shoot for you two AND a family session…..! 

Pricing - From £250

For a typical shoot lasting 1-2 hours, on-location in Norfolk. 

Included are full size, print-ready digital copies of all finished & edited images, delivered through the same gallery as we use for wedding photos. 

I don’t set any hard limits on the number of images included so can guarantee all the good ones are in there!

I’m always happy to travel further afield for pre-wedding shoots as long as travel costs and any associated expenses are covered. Just pop me a message and tell me what you’re thinking of doing, and we can go from there!

If you’ve already booked your wedding photography, but would like to arrange a shoot – just get in touch. Not a problem! 

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