Norfolk Family Photography – Playtime

I once overheard someone talking about booking a family photoshoot, listening to them discussing a whole pile of things that needed thinking about before the shoot from ensuring they didn’t wear white so they would be visible against the studio backdrops through to ensuring no-one had a problem with bright flashes of light from studio strobes and how many outfit changes they might be able to squeeze into a very limited amount of time. This was all before they were told about the “viewing session” and how prints could be bought starting from about £40 each…

Having Fun didn’t seem to come into it…2016-02-08_0007_Watermarked_1

I don’t own a studio, and to be honest, wouldn’t want to (I do have a mobile studio setup and portable lighting systems that I can bring to you however, but that’s another story).  I firmly believe that the best way to capture photos of your family to treasure, is by finding time for them to have fun!TSP_0470

Fun is integral to a great Norfolk lifestyle or family photo shoot. If everyone’s having fun, they’re smiling and running around looking wonderfully happy. That instantly makes for great photos – regardless of whether it’s in your garden, on the beach or at a nearby wood or park. TSP_0407 TSP_1262 TSP_1159 TSP_1103


Family photography should be full of smiles and happy people! 2016-02-08_0008_Watermarked_1 TSP_1386-Edit

Still not sure? Get in touch for a chat or to book your awesome outdoor shoot.  If you’re stuck for ideas on location, I’ve started a list of wonderful Norfolk locations over here.. new ideas are always welcome and I’m happy to hop in the car if needed!

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