Norfolk Pre-Wedding Shoot – Jess & Anthony

In preparation for their fabulous Fishley Hall Wedding in a few short months, Jess & Anthony wanted to book a pre-wedding shoot to help work out some of those nerves.

When Jess first mentioned the idea of also bringing her fabulous pony Jack (and somewhat energetic dog Rambo) along too, at first I was a little apprehensive… but have to say that Jack was absolutely awesome!

I’m not too sure who the shoot was for though – Jack was very keen on being the centre of attention on occasion although we managed to squeeze in a few moments for Jess & Anthony along the way somewhere too. Anyway, on a rather frosty November morning, we met on the outskirts of East Harling woods and took a stroll through the beautiful woodland, looking resplendent in gorgeous winter sunshine. Fantastic light – very much worth braving the cold!

Thinking about booking a pre-wedding shoot of your own ahead of your big day? Get in touch and we can have a chat!

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