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Contemporary, Documentary & Creative, yet Natural & Real

Welcome to Tim Stephenson Photography, where I thrive on helping you to preserve special moments in a relaxed, contemporary and creative style with plenty of unique images and no tired or dated poses.  I aim to capture your day in its entirety from start to finish, paying attention to everything from the smallest detail through to those unrepeatable once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Weddings are wonderful days full of wonderful moments from start till finish. With coverage starting from the beginning and ending late in the evening, my goal is to tell the story of your day as it unfolds; capturing the real, true moments of the day; those on which special memories are built to treasure forever.


I’m around to photograph the chaos & calm that comes with getting ready to do something amazing; capturing champagne cork popping, laughs, tears, tender first-looks, awesome friends, Dad’s peaking around corners, special moments and quiet reflection, all rolled into one!  You’ll be in a magical bubble with time flying along faster than you’ve ever know it to before; leave it to me to capture everything along the way.


Following on from getting ready tends to be one of the single most important parts of the day – that special moment where you use your very own words to say I Do!   Watching for love, laughs, reactions, smiles or tears rolling down a cheek, I’ll shoot unobtrusively – capturing all the raw emotions that go along with those words of commitment and promise; ensuring you can look back on the incredible moment for years to come. Throw in some beautiful confetti for a little something special and you’ve got all the ingredients for a beautiful day!


Something that’s always important on your day is ensuring there’s a little time set aside to go and find a quiet corner somewhere; giving you time to enjoy being with each other and let saying “I Do” start to gently sink in.  Some photographers tend to call this a “portrait session” or “formals” – but personally I’d rather just call it being In Love.

I strongly believe that your wedding day is a truly special day – and the last thing I want to do is to turn it into a staged photoshoot. I won’t be digging out a dusty list of shots from every wedding I’ve shot in the past or trying to get you to strike awkward poses. Instead we’ll simply go for a stroll around your beautiful venue, looking for some awesome light or an amazing space in which you can simply be yourselves.


Once the formalities are over and the reception’s in full swing, my focus switches to keeping an eye open for all those special little magical moments, fun, laughter and emotion – all of which weave together into the tapestry of your unique special day. I love capturing people having fun – and through my relaxed and unobtrusive style can help you and your guests feel at east in-front of the camera, opening the door to capturing as many of the laughs as I can.

I’m also always watching out for details; those tiny details you’ve poured hours into finding, making, embellishing or perfecting. They’re all part of your day and deserve their place in its story.


I must have missed the memo about only shooting in daylight. Once the sun’s gone down, let’s venture back outside – and create something truly magical and unique for your special day. We can break out the sparklers or get creative with colours, smoke and lighting… even better if it’s raining and you’re feeling brave!


One of my favourite times of the day is once the party is in full swing! You’ll probably find me somewhere on the dance floor; right in the middle of the action, shooting away and capturing as much of it as I can. Bring It On !!!


When chatting with couples about their plans, I’m often asked whether I can shoot “traditional” family group photos and increasingly, whether they should or shouldn’t be included. I can’t really answer that question for you, but do always recommend that you try and keep group photos to a minimum; perhaps aiming for a maximum of 5-6.  This is simply because they can eat into time on your special day; time you could otherwise be spending celebrating with family & friends!  It is however not a problem at all if you would like to include groups – please just allow around 4 minutes per shot and ensure you’ve got someone nominated on the day to help with finding & coordinating your guests so that everything runs smoothly. If there’s room at your venue we can always do an “everyone” shot too – even if that means me going up in a cherry picker or heading out on the broads in a boat!