Style & Approach

Natural, relaxed & most definitely not posed

This is me. My style is to shoot the day as it unfolds – capturing the real, true moments of your day; those on which special memories are built to treasure in the future.  I stay in the background when I can, unobtrusively observing and recording the natural moments that happen – ensuring that when you look back at the day you don’t remember someone interrupting your day or getting in the way, but do remember all those incredible little moments which together tell the story of your special day.


I strongly believe that your wedding day is a truly special day, and the last thing I want to do is to turn it into a staged photoshoot. I won’t be digging out a dusty list of poses, demanding you stick to a schedule we’ve used at 100 weddings before or continually setting up and moving loads of lighting equipment…

Together, we’ll tell the story of your day – however it happens!

ts1_1580Wow, what a day! Congratulations to the shiny new Mr & Mrs Bottone, married on Friday at the beautiful Hockering House :) #woodland #norfolkwedding #outdoorwedding #nikon #rustic023TSP_Jordan_Mark_Downe_Arms 112015-10-27_0017 2015-10-24_0005

What about group shots & “formals” ?

We can of course take traditional group photos if you would like, although I always recommend these are best kept to a minimum (ideally no more than 6-8, typically taking no-more than 20-30 minutes out of your day) – simply as they can eat into your irreplaceable time.  It’s also always best to try and pick someone on the day who knows your family and friends to help with groups – simply as if someone else is running around gathering people, everything runs a little more smoothly.  If there’s enough room at your venue we can always do an “everyone” shot too – even if that means me going up in a cherry picker or heading out in a boat…


We will of course also need to make time on the day to find a quiet corner with just the two of you. I won’t be coming up with awkward poses or dated ideas – we’ll simply find a quiet space for you to enjoy being with each other and let saying “I Do” start to gently sink in.

ts1_7124Robyn & Richard Atkins, Oulton Hall, Leeds2015-10-24_00132015-10-24_00202015-10-27_00422015-10-27_0030

Special moments

Once the formalities are over and the reception’s in full swing, my focus switches to keeping an eye open for opportunities to create something amazing. It might be that there’s a stunning sunset beginning to happen, that the venue has some beautiful outdoor features we could take advantage of… or it might have started to rain..!

ts1_66682015-10-27_00452015-10-27_0044TSP_7565 TSP_7469TSP_7551

I often use a little extra light to add a bit of warmth or interest to images, and only take 20-30 minutes (or as long as you like if you really like being in-front of a camera!) out of your day to make beautiful images you’ll treasure forever.

norfolk_wedding_photography_tim_stephenson_1_ts1_94991_TS1_5611So, one more frame for this evening... We've talked about the fantastic teepee at Hockering House, Jonathan & Joanne's beautiful hand-made DIY decor and of course the stunning woodland setting. If there's one moment that's particularly special it has to be the first dance... we'll leave all the antics for another day or possibly the soon-to-appear storyboard, but for now, I'm just going to quickly share this...

The details really matter

The details don’t just matter. They’re super-important to you – and deserve to be photographed and included every bit as much as anything else.  Details make up the very essence of your special day, and can transform the most ordinary venue into a beautiful setting for celebration. I always make a point of looking out for the little things; and if you take a look through any of my full galleries you’ll see plenty of photos of those seemingly trivial items, which often mean so much to you or your family.

 TSP_34182015-10-27_0004 2015-10-27_0005 2015-10-27_0008 2015-10-27_0019OC4C1518-1680x1120

Laughter, Fun & People

Weddings are normally one of the happiest days in your lives – and I wouldn’t be able to tell the story of the day without also capturing the fun moments that happen along the way.

Weddings are all about the people, and without people you don’t really have a wedding. While you and yours are obviously stars of the day, I’m always watching for special moments to help your family and friends remember the day too.  I love capturing people having fun – and through my relaxed and unobtrusive style can help you and your guests to feel at ease in front of the camera, opening the door to capturing as many of the laughs as I can.

2015-10-27_00161_TS0_7618TSP_6988 TSP_70932015-10-27_00232015-10-27_00252015-10-27_00262015-10-27_00272015-10-27_0028TSP_77212015-10-27_0029

One thing I love about shooting from start to finish, is that I’m not working to a deadline or racing around trying to squeeze everything in before we run out of time. If the sun’s gone down and your family and friends are breaking out their moves on the dance floor after your First Dance (or trying their hand at riding a rodeo bull!), then I’ll stay around and capture the magic!

So, one more frame for this evening... We've talked about the fantastic teepee at Hockering House, Jonathan & Joanne's beautiful hand-made DIY decor and of course the stunning woodland setting. If there's one moment that's particularly special it has to be the first dance... we'll leave all the antics for another day or possibly the soon-to-appear storyboard, but for now, I'm just going to quickly share this... TSP_8119 1_TS1_5625

It’s your day and your story; not mine

Wedding days are amazing collections of incredible moments. I don’t make the story up as I go along and we’re setting out to tell the story of your special day, not mine – the photographer’s. This ethos sits at the heart of everything I do – and is why you won’t see me setting up scenes during the day or creating fake interactions to pad things out. I’ll capture important moments as they happen; the real details, in the context you remember them being in – not sat somewhere else, just because it might look a bit more “arty” or photogenic. Handshakes or first kisses… they’re not real if we’re having to set them up after the event; rings – they’re most important when they’re part of something; be that being carried by a first-time ring bearer, being checked (or found!) by a best man or simply when they’re being placed on your fingers.  All these little elements come together to form your story of your special day. I’m just there to capture it to help you treasure them forever.


No two weddings are the same

It might sound a little clichéd, but no two weddings are the same. Every single wedding is as unique and different as the people involved are, so why on earth would any photographer want to shoot every wedding the same way or dig out the same tired poses every time?

I approach every wedding I photograph as the unique, once-off and unrepeatable occasion it really actually is. My aim is simply to unobtrusively tell the story of your day as it naturally unfolds, without getting in the way or trying to make your wedding run the same way as as every previous wedding I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in.

I love working the way I do as it means I can gain a unique perspective on the day without needing to worry about whether we’ve ticked all of the boxes on 200-strong list of “must have wedding photos” found on the Web somewhere, or panicking if the venue you’ve agonised over choosing doesn’t have a particularly lit corner or feature for outdoor photos.   Instead, I set out to follow the day as it unfolds – making the absolute best of whatever the day has to offer and letting your unique photos tell the story of your own special day.

I photograph stories… I don’t sell

I love to photograph things, weddings especially, and to be completely honest with you I hate selling things.  I also really dislike seeing people being charged over the odds for something.

This is why I always include all your finished photos from the day with all of my Wedding packages, as standard.  You will receive full-size / high resolution copies without any watermarks, and you’re free to do whatever you like with them. You can make as many prints as you wish, produce canvases, stunning wall-art, gallery prints, photo books, albums or even drinks coasters from the files without any further charges from me.   You are of course also welcome to do all of this though me, but I haven’t got any interest in forcing you to do so or holding your images to ransom with crazy additional charges to release digital files.

I also love to see you enjoying, using and sharing your photos on Social Media rather than filing them away in a box somewhere. To make this as easy as possible for  you, I also always include a full additional set of images; already resized for use on social media which you’re welcome to share and post as widely as you’d like.



Thank you!

Thank you for reading so far if you’ve made it down to here!  If you’re interested in having a chat about how we can tell the story of your special day, please feel free to send me an enquiry with some details of your plans or give me a call. You’re also welcome to take a look at my pricing & packages for wedding photography, or browse through my previous blog posts or galleries. Don’t forget about lifestyle or family photography too – always happy to talk about discounts if you would also love an engagement or save-the-date shoot?

If you want to have a look at some of my other work you’re always welcome to have a look at my Facebook, Flickr or Instagram feeds – for a collection of somewhat random photos which are probably nothing to do with weddings!