Norwich Castle & Saham Toney Norfolk Wedding – Robin & Sam

Having known Robin for a few years now after covering the Norwich Gaming Festival and shooting her graduation from Norwich University of the Arts back in 2014, it was an absolute privilege and honour to be invited to capture their special day towards the end of  August 2016.

From the first few conversations over a coffee, it was clear that Robin and Sam were setting out a major theme for their day – non-stop FUN!  This held true right from the initial ideas through to the bespoke Pokemon ring box (that was definitely a first!), exiting the ceremony to “Everything is Awesome”, dancing in the woods, a rather soggy bouncy castle, casino tables and of course a Lego cake and a fantastic party…!

Looking back on the incredible year that was 2016, I keep coming back to Robin & Sam’s wedding as one of my all-time favourites to photograph so far.

Kick-starting the day by catching up with Sam and his groomsmen for breakfast, next stop was the elegant Maids Head hotel in Norwich city centre to meet Robin before heading over to Norwich Castle’s Benefactors Room to get the formalities underway. With a beautiful dress from La Belle Angelie, shoes from Irregular Choice and a perfect bouquet from the amazing Anna at Little Fox Flowers, the scene was set for an awesome day!

After surprising the registrar with a Pokemon “Pokeball” ring box and exiting the ceremony to  “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie, we attempted to shoot a few family groups at a very windswept Castle before heading off to their reception in the lovely Saham Toney village hall.

The brand-new Mr & Mrs and I stopped for some photos on the way at the beautiful Lynford Arboretum, taking a few minutes out to breath – and of course squeeze in a sneaky first dance practice under the gorgeous trees.  Wasn’t quite the same without the confetti and some incredible un-choreographed rocking out to Aerosmith, but all in good time.


I’m going to let the photos do the talking… suffice to say the reception was Awesome with a capital “A”. Cream teas, hilarious speeches, casino tables, game consoles, ice cream buffet, hog roast, an incredible cake (complete with what can only be described as a broadsword to cut it), and a top-notch set from the fantastic Marcus Day of SoundFest Pro DJ the party kept on rocking right through to the end of the night.

There are one or two photos below…  pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy the fun!

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