SyncTheCity 2015

Sync LogoAfter the amazing success of last year’s event, I’m delighted to be able to say that I’m supporting SyncTheCity 2015 – which got underway on Thursday, 19th November 2015.

Check back here for photos throughout the event, and please get in touch if you’re arranging your own event and would like to book a photographer 🙂

Getting underway with drinks & food, SyncTheCity 2015 kicked off in style.
In a true case of calm before the storm, pitchers and participants had a chance to start to get to know each other along with an opportunity to meet the brilliant mentor team and sharpen their pitches.
2015-11-21_00032015-11-21_00042015-11-21_0001 2015-11-21_0005 2015-11-21_0006

Intros and keynotes done, let pitching commence! With a target of 1 minute pitches, 26 incredible ideas were pitched to the team from revolutionising how the NHS handle contract staff and a whole new way of visualising wireless networks through to a Christmas-ready wishlist tool to ensure you never end up with unwanted socks under the Christmas tree.

2015-11-21_0007 2015-11-21_0008 2015-11-21_0009

Next stop…. voting!

2015-11-21_0019 2015-11-21_0020

Team forming…. drinks, trading resources for developers, more team forming & more drinks!2015-11-21_0010

And….. with pitches done, mentors introduced and teams formed…. We’re off!

Next stop, 54-hours of intently focused startup-hacking-awesomeness – lets see what we create!

2015-11-21_0011 2015-11-21_0012 2015-11-21_0013 2015-11-21_0014 2015-11-21_0015 2015-11-21_0016 2015-11-21_0017 2015-11-21_0018

That’s wrap for day 1….!

Onwards 🙂

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