Aerial view of English countryside estate and gardens

Hockwold Hall

Garden wedding ceremony setup with floral decorations.
Bride and groom close-up at countryside wedding.

Beautifully bespoke former Royal versatility

This Grade 2 listed former royal residence, situated on 50 acres of lush gardens, provides a picturesque setting for weddings. Located in Thetford, Norfolk, Hockwold Hall offers bespoke packages, making it a versatile choice for couples looking for a mix of history and natural beauty​

In the heart of Norfolk’s breathtaking countryside lies Hockwold Hall, a wedding venue that doesn’t just host events; it creates timeless memories. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless special moments, but few places offer the sheer photographic splendour of Hockwold Hall. Its unique blend of historic elegance and natural beauty makes it a treasure trove for stunning wedding photos.

From the moment you approach Hockwold Hall, you’re transported into a world of historic grandeur. The hall, with its Tudor architecture and Victorian additions, provides a magnificent backdrop for any wedding day. The intricate brickwork, large windows, and classic British design elements are not just architecturally significant; they offer a myriad of opportunities for capturing the essence of a timeless wedding.

HOCKWOLD HALL – gardens, natural light & elegant flexibility

Hockwold Hall’s meticulously maintained gardens, with their seasonal blooms and manicured lawns, provide a vibrant canvas. Whether it’s the soft hues of spring flowers or the rich tones of autumn leaves, the gardens offer a perfect setting for romantic couple portraits and joyful group shots.

For me, wedding photography is all about light, and Hockwold Hall is a haven for natural light photography. The hall’s large windows allow soft, diffused light to gently illuminate the interiors, creating an ethereal ambiance perfect for capturing candid moments and exquisite details. As the sun sets, the golden hour casts a magical glow over the estate, offering a golden opportunity for breathtaking photos.

Each corner of Hockwold Hall offers something unique. The grand staircase is perfect for dramatic bridal portraits, while the cozy nooks provide an intimate setting for capturing the quiet moments. The hall’s expansive grounds feature diverse landscapes, from wooded areas to open fields, allowing for a variety of creative shots. The historical elements, like the old gates and stone pathways, add a touch of rustic charm to the photos.

The versatility of Hockwold Hall is a photographer’s delight. The venue can comfortably accommodate large, lavish weddings as well as intimate gatherings. This flexibility allows for a wide variety of photography – with space for everything from capturing the entire wedding party to going for a walk, exploring the grounds and making the most of a beautiful Norfolk golden hour for those extra-special photos of you two.

Hockwold Hall is a venue for all seasons. The changing scenery throughout the year offers a unique backdrop for weddings, whether it’s a snowy winter wonderland or a sunny summer day. As a photographer, this means each wedding can be distinctly different, reflecting the beauty of the season in which it’s set.

Hockwold Hall in Norfolk is an incredible venue for flexibility when it comes down to your wedding ceremony choices. Unlike many other venues, the choice is yours to make between an indoor ceremony held in the beautiful Ceremony room or Banqueting Hall – or celebrating outside in the beautiful gardens. The team are dedicated to ensuring your day runs the way you want it to – and are amazing at dealing with anything our wonderful British weather decides to throw at us on the day.

After the ceremony the grounds at at your disposal – with plenty of room for your guests to relax, enjoy garden games or to perhaps challenge each other to archery or axe throwing in the grounds with specialist suppliers.

The Marquee is a fantastic space for your wedding reception – the perfect blank canvas for your decor complete with a dedicated separate dancefloor annex for your party late into the night along with a well-stocked permanent bar.

Add accommodation options into the mix too for both yourselves and up to 70 guests across their 4 available areas and Hockwold Hall is a must-see venue.

Hockwold Hall itself also has nine ensuite bedrooms, that can sleep up to 26 guests. The bedrooms are luxurious and comfortable, and each one has its own character and charm. The bedrooms are located on the first and second floors of the hall, and offer panoramic views of the estate. Perfect for Bridal and Groom preparations, these spaces are light and airy – with fabulous views to keep an eye on your guests arriving! You can also optionally book the nearby Saint Peters Cottage – just 100m away from Hockwold Hall and offering more options to accommodate your guests or family.

It’s perfect for hosting everything from larger wedding celebrations all the way through to beautifully small and intimate family celebrations.

As day turns to night, Hockwold Hall transforms into an enchanting evening venue. The strategic lighting accentuates the hall’s features and the gardens light up to create a fairy-tale setting. This change in ambiance provides an entirely new realm of photographic opportunities, from romantic shots under the stars to lively dance floor moments.

Hockwold Hall – 2023 East of England Wedding Venue of the Year!

As your Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Hockwold Hall is a venue that embraces diversity and personalisation in its approach to wedding ceremonies. Whether a couple is looking for an outdoor, natural setting, a traditional indoor ceremony, or something that blends both worlds, Hockwold Hall caters to these desires with elegance and flexibility. Its variety of ceremony spaces, coupled with the ability to personalise them, ensures that each wedding is as unique and special as the couple themselves.