Aerial view of Voewood - elegant historic manor with gardens at sunset


voewood wedding
voewood wedding

North Norfolk Eclectic Wedding Perfection

High Kelling, North Norfolk

Voewood, an esteemed Norfolk destination wedding venue, boasts a rich and intriguing history that adds to its charm and allure as a wedding destination. This magnificent house, recognised as one of the great Arts & Crafts houses in England, was designed by the architect Edward Schroeder Prior between 1903 and 1905.

Voewood Wedding Photography

Voewood, a premier Norfolk wedding venue, presents an idyllic setting for couples looking for a unique and memorable Norfolk wedding experience. Nestled in the heart of High Kelling, North Norfolk, this Arts & Crafts country house is not only a picturesque location for a Norfolk wedding but also a photographer’s dream venue.

The venue’s eclectic mix of century-old Arts & Crafts architecture, combined with a kaleidoscope of artistic features, makes it a visually stunning backdrop for wedding photography. The house’s interior, adorned with artist-commissioned mosaics, wall paintings, textiles, pop art, Victorian prints, retro objects, and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll memorabilia, offers a plethora of vibrant and diverse photo opportunities. Every corner of this Norfolk wedding venue is infused with character and artistic flair, ensuring that wedding photos are as unique and memorable as the event itself.

NORFOLK Eclectic Arts & Crafts Gem

Set amidst 11 acres of lush woodland and enchanting gardens in North Norfolk, Voewood provides an array of natural settings for breathtaking outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The extensive grounds, featuring a knot garden, ponds, and topiary, offer an ideal canvas for photographers to capture the essence of a Norfolk wedding amidst the beauty of nature.

For couples planning a Norfolk wedding, Voewood’s 17 uniquely styled bedrooms accommodate up to 42 guests, allowing for an intimate and luxurious stay. As an exclusively hired Norfolk wedding venue, Voewood guarantees privacy and exclusivity, making it a personal and intimate space for couples and their guests.

Voewood’s commitment to a transparent and hassle-free experience is evident in its no hidden charges policy. This flexibility extends to catering and bar services, allowing couples to tailor their Norfolk wedding to their specific tastes and preferences.

In summary, Voewood stands out as a Norfolk wedding venue that offers not just a beautiful location for your special day, but also an inspiring and photogenic setting that photographers dream of. Its unique blend of historical elegance, artistic richness, and natural beauty makes it a standout choice for a Norfolk wedding.

The house’s design follows a unique butterfly plan, making it a standout example of this architectural style. The butterfly plan, with its skewed and restless lines, ingenious planning, and lively mannerisms, contributes to the distinctive, ruggedly beautiful architectural mosaic that is Voewood. This design allows for maximization of views and the best orientation of a range of rooms, with the house’s exterior highly decorated, featuring extensive use of tiles and brickwork in traditional patterns.

Voewood’s transformation from a windswept turnip field to a glorious country house was a substantial undertaking. The house exceeded its original budget estimate by more than seven times, reflecting the complexity and ambition of its design. However, its original owner, Rev. Percy Lloyd, never actually lived at Voewood. After its completion, Voewood had a varied history, being used as a boys’ school, a convalescent home, and later as a residence for the elderly.

The grounds of Voewood, which are integral to its overall design, were also crafted by Edward S. Prior, following the Arts and Crafts tradition. Prior was passionate about using local building materials and took this to the extreme at Voewood by using stone and flint excavated from the grounds themselves for building the house and garden walls. This included a formal sunken garden, a kitchen garden, and an orchard designed as an ensemble with the house.

In 1998, Voewood was purchased by Simon Finch, a rare book dealer, who began the careful restoration needed to return the house to its original form and the gardens to their Grade I listed glory. Finch’s vision and eclectic style have created a unique atmosphere in the house, which is now appreciated for its welcoming, warm atmosphere and beautiful light in all rooms.

Today, Voewood stands as a testament to the Arts & Crafts movement and is a sought-after Norfolk wedding venue, offering a unique blend of historic significance, architectural beauty, and a charming natural setting.

Voewood Wedding Photography

From a Norfolk Wedding Photographer’s perspective, Voewood is a simply sublime venue to photograph weddings at. As an incredible DIY Wedding Venue is is crammed to the rafters with character in every single room. It’s packed with beautiful eclectic art and artefacts, carefully curated by its owners into something unparalleled in our area. With plenty of room for everyone it’s an ideal venue for family gatherings or being able to have everyone important to your wedding day staying with you under the one roof.

Add the beautiful outdoor spaces, manicured gardens, endless lawn and stunning setting all into the mix and it’s not difficult to see why Voewood makes such an amazing canvas for your big day.

No look at Voewood would be complete however without making mention of it also being a sublime setting for awesome high-energy parties! It’s a bit of a party house and when your guests are in the groove, transforms into the most incredible venue to dance the night away.