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35mm Film Photography


I’ve been shooting weddings using the latest flagship Sony digital cameras for some time now – and adore their ability to create gorgeously vibrant, pin-sharp photographs along with their responsiveness and speed when it comes to capturing fleeting moments.

Before digital photography became a thing and the best camera to use so often became the one that’s built into your phone, everyone used to use film in a variety of cameras to capture life’s important moments happening around them.

Film naturally gave way to the flexibility and instant creativity that comes with digital and our world has rapidly moved onwards. However, there’s something a bit special about film – which digital just can’t replace.

Couple walking on windy dune path in black and white.
Spaniel dog - black and white film photograph

the Analogue Renaissance

Photographs captured on film have a truly organic feel to them. There’s a certain look and texture to the photos – which is the result of a chemical process dating all the way back to the days of George Eastman and Kodak 1885. They’re not perfect, they won’t be pin sharp and each and every shot needs thought before it’s captured.. but they’re special and deserve to see the light of day once again.

Film is not perfection

Black and white filmstrip of couple outdoors.

Embrace Imperfection

It’s really important to remember that shooting 35mm is a fantastically unpredictable process. We’re relying on 100s of years of chemical processes to work with everything falling into place just so, along with hoping that older cameras perform as well as they did when they were state-of-the-art.

We also don’t have any backups… we can’t create two identical photographs on two separate films just in case one fails; we’re not able to take backup copies of a film before processing it and we can’t duplicate the negatives before they can be scanned.

For these reasons, film photography is offered with absolutely no guarantee other than that I’ll bring a film camera with me on the day and shoot a few rolls of film for you. We’ll then develop them afterwords and share the excitement of waiting perhaps not so patiently to see what we’ve created!

When it does all come together though, the results are pure, organic & analogue magic.

35mm Engagement Shoot



Offered as a bookable extra to my normal wedding services, we can add 35mm film photography to your booking at any point up to the big day. If booked, I’ll bring my film cameras along on your day and shoot a few rolls of 35mm film throughout the day in addition to documenting everything else digitally. I’ll generally aim to shoot some colour and some black and white – but obviously it’s a little harder to swap from one to the other until we’ve finished a film.

Afterwards, we’ll develop the films and scan the negatives – incorporating your unique collection of 35mm photographs in your wedding gallery.

From there, all our usual printing & album services are available whether a photograph originated from film or digitally.

Interested? Let me know!

Black and white filmstrip of couple outdoors.

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