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Creative, relaxed & authentic Norfolk Wedding Photographer for couples who want to be themselves

As the Norfolk wedding photographer for your special day, my goal is simple – to tell the story of your beautiful wedding day as it happens so you can re-live those fabulous memories over and over again.

I capture incredible moments that are natural, fun, emotional and perhaps even tearful (but only the good ones). Oh, and those crazy dance floor moves as the party rocks the night away!

What I can promise to never do, is to dig up some awkward cheesy poses that I’ve used at every other wedding, fake a cake-cut when you’re going to do the real thing, or get in the way of your day to stage “moments”.

It’s genuine, unposed documentary photography.


Every wedding day starts with getting ready

Every wedding day begins with those fabulous preparations!

Whether getting ready surrounded by your awesome bride-tribe with your closest family, friends & bridesmaids to kick-start the celebrations or jumping in a hot-tub with your trusted groomsmen – preparations are always one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph!   

They’re a time for special moments, beautiful memories and flying champagne corks.

From heartfelt gifts and cards from the person you’re about to marry, to crazy rooms full of family, no two are the same.

I’ll be there for the emotions, laughs, craziness and occasional tears – never getting in the way and shooting unobtrusively to capture these most vital bits of your day.

Relish the calm & embrace the excitement; I’ll capture it all to look back on once you’ve said I Do!

Wedding days are jam-packed with moments – soooo many amazing things happen during a wedding and there’s nothing I love more than being able to capture them all.

I Do's, We Do's, Tying the Knot

One of those more formal bits...

From traditional churches to stately homes & country estates; gorgeous gardens, beaches or woodland to beautiful barns and stunning castles – there are so many unique and inspiring places to say “I Do”.

As your photographer I’ll be there for every moment. Whether you arrive down a majestic staircase, via boat on the beautiful Norfolk Broads or by walking through the woods with your wellies firmly in place, I’ll be right there with you.

Shooting silently & respectfully, I’ll capture the look of wonder when your partner sees you for the first time along with the reactions of family and friends gathered to witness this special moment.

Most importantly of all, I’ll capture both of you as you say “I Do” and take those very first steps on the journey of married life together.

Almost needless to say, I’ll work with your registrars, vicar or celebrant and of course any videographers to ensure we all get the best possible results, without taking over the day or getting in the way. 

For Church weddings, I’ll also always ask you to check whether there are any restrictions that I need to be aware of ahead of the day as it’s always good to avoid unexpected surprises. 


More the merrier please!

If we’re sticking with traditions for your wedding day, confetti has to be pretty high up on the list of things to have! 

Through the years I have reached one conclusion though… It’s always better to have too much confetti than not enough! Plenty of it please.. Lots of handfuls for your guests and we’ll get it all chucked at you at the same time! 

I can also promise you that it will go absolutely everywhere… sorry about that! 

Huge fun though and I’ll be right there, in the middle of it all with you.. getting just as covered in it as you – but we’ll capture all the fun, craziness and special bits that happen along the way too.

Couples Photos

Time for you two to be yourselves

So, with that knot firmly tied, it’s really important that we try and take some time out during the celebrations for you two, to well – spend some time with each other! 

Wedding days can shoot past in the blink of an eye, so the last thing I want to do is to pull you away from your guests for hours. 

I normally recommend we split time for couples photos, formals or portraits into two 15-20 minute sessions; one generally sometime during the afternoon reception, and the other ideally during the hour before sunset – “golden hour” – where the light is much softer, richer and generally perfect for photos. 

Together we’ll go and explore your venue’s grounds, track down the light and generally find somewhere fabulous.  I won’t pose you or tell you what to do – other than maybe suggesting you have a cuddle or ten and enjoy spending time together!


Couples often tell me that they don’t want a wedding like their cousin had, who was dragged away for hours by their photographer and told exactly how to stand, or given instructions on where to place their hands etc; all while their guests were left wondering what to do. 

I can promise you that this won’t happen. 

The time we spend together for couples photos is a really precious time for the two of you – wedding days can turn into a blur of hellos and hugs yet spending time with the person you’ve just married, celebrating together the start of the next exciting chapter in your lives is soooo vitally important. 

Let’s take the time, you two have a cuddle and a giggle; really look at each other and then head off back to the reception – full of love and emotion to go celebrate with the special people you’ve chosen to spend the day with. 

Wedding Reception

This is where the fun really happens!

Whether you’re throwing a beautifully intimate wedding reception with an exquisite tasting menu for your closest family & friends, or hosting a jam-packed party with the works from outdoor games to bouncy castles, afternoon tea and garden parties; wedding receptions are wonderfully varied and unique!

When it comes down to it though, they’re all amazing celebrations and packed to the brim with action and special moments!  

I’ll capture the raised glasses, the sneaky tears & raw emotions. I’ll get the reactions to speeches along with plenty of laughter, joy, funky moments and fun whenever it happens.

Things is, every wedding is unique. Yours isn’t the same as anyone else’s – and capturing all of that beautiful unique awesomeness is exactly what I set out to do! 


It’s normally also during the Wedding Reception that I recommend we tackle family group photos.

We’ll talk about this on our pre-wedding call but group photos are (nearly) always part of the day – normally suggest having a list of the photos you’d like to shoot, including people’s names, and to keep the list to around a maximum of 10 groups.  Each group will usually take 3-4 minutes to setup, arrange and shoot so the more you have, the more time it’s going to take out of your day. 

It’s always essential to have someone nominated in your wedding party to help too – that means we can focus on shooting one group, while they’re tracking down people for the next.. just helps keep everything moving along nicely. 


Magical golden light

Ahhhh, how I wish I could guarantee a beautiful golden sunset at every wedding!

There’s something so incredibly romantic about heading off into the sun with your brand new husband or wife – creating a few extra-special photos while the light is at its absolute finest.

When the weather is on our side, the light in that hour immediately before sunset is simply magical. The sun’s a little lower, the light beautifully soft and the colours golden.

Pop you two special people in the middle and amazing things can happen!

We’ll simply go for a stroll around your venue and just like our normal couples portraits, I won’t tell you what to do or pose you! I’ll simply snap away as we explore and find the light…

Magic happens while you’re having fun!

Timing for these sessions is always necessarily a little flexible as they hinge entirely on the weather we get on the day and when the sun decides to make its appearance. I do normally recommend trying to not book anything particularly formal into the hour pre-sunset though, just in case we need to dash outside quickly. 


After Dark

Creative Portraiture

Creatively-lit photography after dark is something I absolutely love to do! 

When the sun has gone down (or if we’re doing a fabulous wintery wedding when this can all start a little earlier in the day) it’s time to get the lights out and have some fun.

As much as I adore shooting in beautiful sunshine or making the most of an incredible sunset, there’s something a little extra-special about crafting light and creating magical photos to treasure forever.

Also…. if the weather’s missed the memo that it’s your awesome wedding day, then it really is ok. 

I’m often asked what happens if it rains and the answer is that we go ROCK it right out of the park! 

Rain during your wedding day is something we’ll work around (as weddings don’t stop just because it’s raining), but if it’s rained all day then it’s also a great excuse to be brave and head back outside in the dark.

The pace of these sessions is naturally a little slower as they’ll often involve setting up and adjusting lights, smoke grenades, haze and anything else we want to play with – but if you’re up for it, then we can create more or less anything! 



Let's start with a bang!

Fireworks are a perfect way to make an impact on the big day – kick-starting married life with one heck of a bang!

Assuming you have a professional company booked to run your display, I’ll have a chat to them beforehand to make sure I find out all the vital details I’ll need to ensure I can photograph both you and your fireworks.

In much the same way as our couples shoots, we’ll pop you two in the perfect position and depending on the display might add a little extra light.  

Otherwise, it’s all about those fabulous bangs! 

Watch, marvel, enjoy and take in the spectacle. Perhaps have a hug or two for a little extra magic… and to keep warm if it’s a wintery day! 

In terms of things like timings, if you’re having fireworks… I’ll be there! 


Party Time

Rock that dancefloor!

The bigger, the wilder, the crazier the better! 

Wedding days are all about celebrating your beautiful wedding – and there’s no better way to crown the day than hosting an awesome party. 

With limitless choices for music and entertainment, shape it into the wedding of your dreams. It’s always a challenge to come up with the “right” playlist but as long as it reflects you two, then all is good. 

There’s no right answer to the question of whether to book bands or DJs – or both! If you have a fabulous band they’ll be able to react to your guests reactions, and play accordingly… if you have a fabulous DJ they’ll also be able to react to your guests and keep the dance floor filled.  Just be sure to tell them what you do and don’t like so you don’t end up with an evening of “wedding cheese” if that’s your worst musical nightmare! 

Now, something I’ve never really understood is the concept of your wedding photographer clocking off as you reach the first dance or just afterwards.

First dances are lovely things, especially if they’re choreographed or contain surprises for your partner or guests. But after the first dance, when the band or DJ find their groove and your guests all let their hair down – well, that’s when the party really gets going!

I’ll probably be in the middle somewhere! Capturing all those incredible memories from crazy dance floor moves right through to sleepy kids (and sometimes sleepy guests too). 

I won’t normally stay till the very end (as there usually comes a point where shooting more doesn’t help), but can guarantee I won’t be going anywhere until I’ve captured enough dancefloor mayhem to properly tell the story of your day. 

Next Steps?

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If you love what I do, I’d absolutely love to hear all about your plans for your fabulous wedding day!

I have always preferred to try and keep things as simple as I can, so rather than hiding away all the details everything you need to know is right here on the website.

Head over to Pricing to read more, or just pop me a message with a few details about the day to check my diary or arrange time for a chat.

It’s never too early to get in touch. Peak season weekend dates often book 18 months and it’s no unheard of to be starting to chat before you’ve confirmed your venue.

Always happy to help with planning the day whenever we can too!