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Genuine Emotive Documentary Wedding Photography - Contemporary, Creative & REAL

As the wedding photographer for your special day, my goal is simple – to tell the story of your beautiful wedding day as it happens so you can re-live those fabulous memories over and over again.

I capture incredible moments that are natural, fun, emotional and perhaps even tearful (but only the good ones). Oh, and those crazy dance floor moves as the party rocks the night away!

What I can promise to never do, is to dig up some awkward cheesy poses that I’ve used at every other wedding, fake a cake-cut when you’re going to do the real thing, or get in the way of your day to stage “moments”. It’s genuine, unposed documentary photography.


However your wedding day starts, whether it’s breakfast with your dearest family and friends, champagne corks flying surrounded by your fabulous bridesmaids, flowergirls or bride-tribe – or a special hangover cure for the groomsmen, best man or father of the bride; wedding day preparations are incredibly special.

From heartfelt gifts and cards from the person you’re about to marry, to crazy rooms full of family, no two are the same.

I’ll be there for the emotions, laughs, craziness and occasional tears – never getting in the way and shooting unobtrusively to capture these most vital bits of your day.

Relish the calm & embrace the excitement; I’ll capture it all to look back on once you’ve said I Do!


Special moments during the morning of your wedding always remind me why weddings are so magical. Once your hair is ready and your make up is perfect, then it’s time for the all-important dress.

And that means Dad’s first peek at his little girl in her wedding dress; Gran’s reaction to seeing her granddaughter wearing the family heirloom; gorgeous children seeing their amazing mum as a princess and tears. Lots and lots of fabulous, happy, emotional, proud tears.

From here, it’s time to get to the ceremony, ready to meet your other half for the rest of your life.

I Do

From traditional churches to stately homes & country estates; gorgeous gardens, beaches or woodland to beautiful barns and stunning castles – there are so many unique and inspiring places to say “I Do”.

As your photographer I’ll be there for every moment. Whether you arrive down a majestic staircase or through the woods with your wellies firmly in place, I’ll be right there with you.

Shooting silently & respectfully, I’ll capture the look of wonder when your partner sees you for the first time along with the reactions of family and friends gathered to witness this special moment. Most importantly of all, I’ll capture both of you as you say “I Do” and take those very first steps on the journey of married life together.

The Happy Couple

Once the formal bits are over, it’s time to celebrate!

Along the way somewhere we’ll find some time to nail those once in a lifetime, absolutely stunning images of you both & worthy of pride of place in your home!

Clients often tell me they don’t want a wedding like their cousin, who was dragged away for hours by their photographer while their guests were left wondering what to do. I can absolutely promise not to do that.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of your time is all it takes to get those jaw-droppingly fabulous shots of you.

I won’t pose you, or tell you what to do (other than go over there and have a cuddle – I mean, you just got married so that really should be ok… right?!).

It’s also a really precious time for the two of you, to simply take a few minutes out and appreciate the importance of the last few hours.

You’re finally married, together with your soul mate – starting out on the next exciting chapter in your lives.

Take the time, have a cuddle and a giggle, really look at each other and then you will head to your reception; full of love for each other and the special people present to celebrate your day with you.


This is where the fun really happens!

From crazy outdoor games to bouncy castles, afternoon tea and garden parties, wedding receptions are fabulously varied and unique. But when it comes down to it, they’re all amazing and all are a reflection of yourselves.

I’m always watching for action and anticipating moments. I’ll capture the raised glasses, sneaky tears and raw emotion. I’ll get the reactions to speeches along with plenty of laughter, joy, funky moments and fun all around.

Sunset & Golden Hours

There is something incredibly romantic about a gorgeous shot of you both set against the stunning backdrop of an awesome Norfolk Big Sky at sunset.

Quite simply, they’re magical! The absolute best time for those special photos is often in the hour leading up to sunset. The sun’s a little lower, the light’s extra-special and amazing things happen.

Of course, sunset shots do rely on the weather being glorious and that’s the one thing I can’t guarantee.

After Dark

So, if the weather has missed the memo that it’s your awesome wedding day, then that really is OK.

We can shoot in the dark for fun, or to create something incredible if the weather’s not been on-side. Come rain or shine there are always some beautiful opportunities to capture something very special indeed.

I carry all the lighting needed to create fabulous photos after dark so as long as you’re feeling bold, we can go create something awesome – whatever the weather’s doing.

Party Time!

Now, something I’ve never really understood is the concept of clocking off as you reach the first dance or just afterwards. First dances are lovely things, especially if they’re choreographed or contain surprises for your partner or guests. But after the first dance, when the band or DJ find their groove and your guests all let their hair down – well, that’s when the party really gets going!

I’ll probably be in the middle somewhere! Capturing all those incredible memories from crazy dance floor moves right through to sleepy kids (and sometimes sleepy guests too) as the night draws to a close.

Ok, so what do we do now?

If you love what I do, I’d absolutely adore to hear all about your plans for the Big Day!

I try to keep things as simple as I can – especially when it comes to booking me to capture your big day! Head on over to Pricing & Booking to read about everything important; or just get in contact for a chat!

It’s never too early to get in touch – weekend dates routinely book 18 months to 2 years in advance & it’s not unheard of to be starting to chat before you’ve confirmed your venue… Always happy to help plan your day too!

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