Your day IS unique.

Let’s celebrate that!

We’ve got this.

Planning a wedding involves coordinating many different suppliers and making 100’s of decisions covering everything from selecting a venue to picking colours, designing a cake and everyone’s nemesis; table planning!

Choosing a photographer doesn’t need to be hard.

Keep reading to find out why booking me to be your wedding photographer might be one of the easiest things you can do while planning your wedding.

Most people want to be in the moment.


So with wedding photography, there are a few ways to approach capturing those beautiful photos of you both. There are plenty of photographers out there who will pose you; telling you exactly how to stand, where to place your hands and arms, where to look and even what sort of expressions you should be pulling. There are also plenty of photographers who will tell you they don’t do any of this, but when the time comes for portraits will be doing exactly the same and directing or staging every single moment.

I don’t do any of that.

You don’t need to feel awkward, or uncomfortable. You don’t need to worry about whether you’re doing the right pose or looking like you’re supposed to.

You get to just be yourselves.

THIS is when the magic happens. You relax, you stop worrying. You smile, we get beautiful photos.

Posing isn’t necessary

You’re two people, very much in love, who have just decided to do a wonderful thing and get married. That’s all we need.

You’ve got this

We’ve established you’re two happy people on a beautiful, happy day… No-one needs to tell you how to stand so you look like you love each other!

This is what I do

I BELIEVE that we can get the best possible photos on your wedding day by removing the formality and giving you space to be yourselves.

Rolling the clock back to my own wedding, my wife and I spent about an hour being directed from one staged, somewhat cliched and cheesy wedding photograph to the next. We assumed the “photographer” knew better than us what would look good so followed their direction and, I hate to say, posed.

We don’t have a single photograph from our special day that we like, that looks natural or captures any remotely fun aspect of the day.

That’s the point when I realised things could change. There simply isn’t any need to slavishly recreate past photographs that someone else decided to arrange on a long-distant wedding day. Every wedding and every single couple is special and by letting that uniqueness stand on its own two feet, we get to capture something beautiful.

There just isn’t any need to direct you through the day or tell you how to pose. All we end up with are recreations of someone else’s idea of what a wedding couple should look like – not what YOU should look like. That’s important.

You might be wondering how this all works if I don’t pose you and won’t direct the day – so read on to find out!




Let’s Say Hello

It’s as easy as it sounds

It all begins with you filling in my contact form. I’ll check my diary and get back to you usually within 24 hours with a link to my latest pricing guide, covering everything you need to know about booking me for your day.

From there, the next stop is to line up time for a chat about your big day – normally over Zoom so we get to meet each other and say hello.
I’ve never particularly liked being “sold” to, so do everything I can to avoid “selling” to you. Instead, I’d rather we use our first calls to find out a bit more about your day and for you to find out more about how I go about photographing those precious memories.


Let’s Make it Official!

Let’s get you booked

So we’ve chatted, I’m available, you love what I do and we hopefully got on great during the call. I’ll then create a quote for you on our booking system and send this over by email along with my contract and a few booking questions. Once these have been completed and your booking fee received, that’s it! You’re all booked in and the date is YOURS!


Wedding Planning

Time to relax? Maybe!

Unless you’re super organised and have everything ready to go right when we first meet there’s normally now a bit of time to go before your big day arrives.
From a photography perspective, we don’t usually need to catch up until about 6 weeks before your big day, but I’m available all the way through your wedding planning process if there’s anything at all we can do to help. I’m always happy to help with supplier recommendations if you’re stuck and have been to a fair few weddings now so can offer assistance if you’re trying to wrangle everything into a plan for the day.
I always suggest getting in touch for recommendations if you’re looking to add videographers or content creators to your day, purely as it’s good to try and book suppliers who work in a similar way to avoid disrupting the pose-free & relaxed vibe that you’ve booked me for!


It’s (Nearly) Here….

let’s talk about those plans

Around 6 weeks before the big day I’ll send you a set of pre-wedding questions and an invite to book in time for a pre-wedding call. This is when we’ll talk through everything that’s going to happen during your day so I can ensure I’m in the right place at the right time. I’ll also ask for a list of any formal group photos, and ask you to nominate someone to help coordinate people on the day so it all runs smoothly.

Just on groups, they usually take 3-4 minutes each to arrange and shoot so with that in mind I normally recommend trying to keep to no more than 10. We can, of course, do more; but just need to make sure we’ve got enough time set aside on the day.


Let’s Do This!


The Big Day is here! I’ll be with you from morning until late if you’ve booked me for the full day, capturing everything from those special moments while everyone’s getting ready through to the crazy dancefloor when your party is in full swing.

We’ll usually take a couple of 15-20 minute chunks out of your day to capture beautiful photos of the two of you and if the weather cooperates, try and make the most of any beautiful golden light in the hour or so before sunset.


Previews & Teasers

these are definitely worth waiting for

Within a few days of your wedding I’ll usually send over your very first previews. These will go into a gallery which you can share with anyone you’d like and I’ll normally then post a few photos or video clips on my social media to shout about your incredible day (as long as you’re happy with this)!

I’ll then get to work on perfecting your photos just as soon as I can.


Crack open the bubbles!

YOUR PHOTOS WILL BE READY Within 6-8 weeks, often sooner

And just like that, your wedding photos are ready!
With all of your polished, edited and perfected wedding photos carefully uploaded to your gallery with a mixture of beautiful yet genuine colours and timeless black & white, we’ll send you an email announcing they’re ready for you!

It’s a great excuse to crack open some bubbles and celebrate while re-living all those beautiful moments from your super-special day!

The gallery holds full size / high resolution photos which are ready to download, share and love to your heart’s content!


Print Your Photos!

And… that’s it!

So, you’ve got your photos and have shared them far and wide… let’s talk printing!

We always recommend printing photos. As fabulous as they look on-screen, that’s nothing compared to the sheer tactile experience that can only be had from experiencing professional prints made using the finest materials and exact colour accuracy; creating beautiful wall-art to hang in pride of place or opening your own exquisitely crafted, hand-made wedding album.

Our gallery system makes everything available you to order direct through the attached shop. We only work with top-notch professional print labs to ensure that everything is of the best possible quality. Prefer to have us design an album for you, or need some help? Just pop me an email and we can get you sorted!

Print those photos – it is important!


“Thank you! We are so pleased with our beautiful photos – you’ve really captured the day!”


We love them!

We cannot THANK YOU enough for the most AMAZING Wedding Pictures – we honestly love them and so do all of our guests!

I can’t thank you enough

We are SO grateful you moved our date for us so that we could have the wedding of our dreams! It really was PERFECT.

We didn’t know you were there!

From start to finish, working with you was such a breeze, we felt like we already knew you by our wedding! You really put us at ease throughout & half the time we didn’t even know you were there – no offence!! 


The photos are beautiful! Thank you for staying so long and for all your hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions

This one’s easy – everything about how to book and what happens in the run up to your wedding day is covered here: Your Wedding Experience.

If you love what I do and would like to check whether I’m available on your date, just head to my Contact form and tell me a little about your day. All I need after that to secure your date is a signed contract and £350 booking fee with the remaining balance typically due a month before your big day.

Yes, of course! I always recommend we arrange a video call before booking to say hello and chat about your day (purely as they’re normally a whole lot easier to coordinate around everyone’s busy lives) and will send you a link to our online diary system to make this as simple to arrange as possible.

Assuming you book my Full Day Collection, I will be with you from whatever point you would like me to arrive until typically late evening. I normally average 10-12 hours at a wedding, depending entirely on how much is going on as every single wedding is different; especially when it comes to the party.
As such, I usually tend to stay until your party is in full swing with a busy dance floor; and I’ve been able to photograph enough of those fabulous dance floor moves to fully tell the story of the day. The party is important – and so often overlooked!

There’s much more detail on here: How I Photograph Your Wedding Day

For shorter bookings, I’ll be with you for the amount of continuous coverage you have booked.

If there’s one thing I’ve never really understood as both a customer and a wedding photographer, it’s why some of us make it so difficult for couples wondering how much a photographer is going to charge them for a wedding. However much you fall in love with our wedding photographs or videography, a lot of the time the topic of pricing does still need to be considered as the vast majority of real-world couples are working to some form of realistic wedding budget and need to be able to understand how much their wedding is going to cost for all sorts of good reasons.

To this end, I do my best to make it as simple and straightforward as I can – so all of my wedding photography pricing is covered in depth over on this page and you can read more about how everything works on my Wedding Booking Experience pages, along with diving right into How I Photograph Your Wedding Day to see many more photos.

Of course. I always tend to focus on people and emotion as that’s the cornerstone of how I photograph your day. However, obviously all the fabulous details that make up your day are important too so I always aim to capture those along the way. Probably worth mentioning that I wouldn’t normally spend hours on setting up editorial style “lay flats” or similar though, purely as there’s usually much more useful stuff happening to photograph.

Nearly every couple I’ve every photographed have asked for a few formal group photos – more often than not “for the parents” or other family members. We’ll chat through how this works before your wedding but as a guide each group usually takes 3-4 minutes to arrange and shoot so I tend to recommend trying to stick to no more than 8-10 groups to avoid tying up too much of your day. It’s your day though so if you’d like to do more, that’s fine too as long as we have time.

If I can make the logistics and timings work, I’m happy to travel more or less anywhere including overseas for Destination Weddings. I regularly visit wedding venues all over the East of England and further afield.
If your venue is a long way outside of our immediate area I may need to add travel expenses or a night or two in a nearby hotel but will confirm any additional charges when replying to your enquiry.

100% YES! I’m always happy to look at quoting for destination weddings and love to travel. They naturally need a little more coordination as far as our diary goes due to the additional time involved but tell me about what you’re planning and I’ll see if I can make things work! We’ll need to include things like flights, accommodation and travel expenses on your quote but otherwise pricing is much the same as UK weddings!

Yes! As a starting point, head straight to my How I Photograph Your Wedding Day page which is packed with photos from real weddings through the last year or two. You can also dive straight into my Portfolio pages for Getting Ready, Wedding Day Moments, Couples Photos, After Dark / Night and of course Party Time. Also please look through my Venue and Wedding Day Blogs to see more from real weddings I’ve had the honour of being invited to photograph.

As long as you’re feeling brave, we grab brollies and/or wellies (depending on the rain!) and head outside to rock the living daylights out of it and have fun. Night shots in the rain can always be fun too as we get to play with creative lighting.

Seriously though, rain doesn’t need to stop the fun on a wedding day and it doesn’t normally rain continually all day long so we can normally find a few minutes to dash outside. Some of my most fun weddings have been on wet and windy days!

I’ve always photographed weddings working by myself. I’ve realised that this gives me the greatest amount of creative control over the content produced during your day and means I can ensure everything photographed is up to the quality I want to be able to deliver. I also feel that being followed around by another photographer, in addition to any videographers or content creators can be a bit more intrusive than it needs to be during the day so prefer to keep this to a minimum when we can. Please have a read through How I Photograph Your Wedding Day to find out more about how I work.

Hiring second shooters / second photographers for a wedding is always an interesting point for discussion and unless you’re planning an absolutely massive wedding event the reality is that there’s rarely actually a need for one. I’ve gone into more detail around this over on a blog post about second photographers which might be worth a read.

I photographed my very first wedding back in 2008 with a few more dotted through the years until about 2015 when I decided it was about time to start taking it all a bit more seriously and started actively developing my business into what it is today.

I do indeed have a drone – currently fly a DJI Mini 4 Pro and hold an A2CoFC along with appropriate commercial insurances. The drone is under 250g in weight which makes it one of the quietest and safest ways to photograph and film from the air without undue risk for your guests or venue staff.

I aim to fly them when possible & appropriate to gain a different perspective. I intentionally do not, however, guarantee to include aerial content as there are a multitude of airspace, weather, venue and legal restrictions which might unexpectedly prevent me from being able to fly on your day.

Food and Photographers is always a curious question… do you provide them with food or do you not?
My view on this is that as I’m usually going to be with you for the entire day, capturing everything that’s happening so at some point I’m going to need to pause and eat something.

Given that most wedding venues tend to be off the beaten track, it is absolutely lovely if you can provide me with a hot meal on the day (most venues offer a Supplier Meal) preferably served at the same time as your wedding breakfast. This gives some much needed downtime while there’s not normally much to photograph, and means I’m ready to go once you’ve finished eating.
The alternatives are that I can either leave site during your wedding breakfast to go and buy something locally, or come prepared – both of which are OK if the timings work.
All I ask is that you let me know, so I can make the appropriate arrangements.

Every wedding day is different so rather than sticking to a fixed number of photos I set out to photograph whatever is going on and will deliver as many photos are needed to fully tell the story of your day. As a guide, full day wedding galleries normally include at least 6-700 fully edited photos and shorter days around 400+.

The final number of photos you receive will always be less than I shoot on the day as I always set out to photograph “through” moments looking for the perfect, gallery-worthy frame – which inevitably results in anywhere from 2-8 very similar photos for one fabulous one.

Absolutely! Our password-protected gallery system provides you as the gallery owner full access to download original full size files, including a simple way to download every image in the gallery.
We always recommend you do this on a desktop or laptop, and store copies on at least two separate storage devices for safekeeping.

You can share photos to social media directly from the gallery if you wish, or alternatively just download and post them as normal. They are YOUR photos and you’re welcome to do anything you want with them.

YES! I adore black & white photographs – there’s something special about capturing timeless tones and some photos are just perfect for B&W. Not every photo is strong enough to “work” in B&W however, so I always deliver a mixture of full colour & B&W photos rather than blindly giving you everything in colour along with everything in B&W to bump up the number of photos.
To give you a little taste, head over to my Black & White Wedding Portfolio and dive in!

Given the vast number of wedding venues there are to choose from, there’s a good chance that I might not have previously worked at your venue. I don’t think this matters though as my approach is much more about focusing on you two, rather than relying on anything specific at the venue. That said, I’ll always scout around a new venue (and do a bit of research beforehand!) to look for the best places to shoot but on the big day itself we’ll also need to take into account the weather, which might have other plans to anything previously arranged.

Yes, absolutely! I carry Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity and Commercial Drone Operator insurances to cover off all eventualities. I’m always happy to provide evidence of insurance cover to venues if requested.

Much the same as every professional photographer in our area, I am part of a fantastic network of local wedding suppliers and in the unlikely event that I’m unable to photograph your wedding, I will do everything I can to help secure a replacement photographer.
I should probably say at this point that I’ve not missed a wedding yet; and have no intention of starting anytime soon!

Yes, of course you can – if there’s something you’d like to know which isn’t covered in these questions or elsewhere on the website, you are more than welcome to contact me and ask! Please feel free to fill in the contact forms or email / message me directly and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Contact Tim

If you’ve reached here and love my approach and style of wedding photography, please get in touch using the form below – or by emailing me directly at so that I can send you my pricing guide. I love photographing weddings of all sizes from the smallest to the largest and usually reply to every enquiry within 24 hours. Please do check your junk or spam folders as my emails can sometimes get caught in filters (especially for Hotmail & Outlook users). To help with that. please do leave a mobile number and I’ll send you a quick text message when I’ve replied.

I also have a FAQ page, which answers many of the questions I’m frequently asked and talk through everything about how I work from booking to delivering your photos over on my Wedding Experience page. You can also read some of my wedding tips & advice over on the Blog, along with browsing through some of the beautiful weddings I’ve had the honour of photographing previously.

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